Application for membership

First read our rules carefully. They can be found in the right column.
Fill in the form below and press "Send". The confirmation comes via email within 24 hours. Often much faster. Be sure to enter your correct email address. Otherwise you will get no acknowledgment in return.
Be in good time with your application. There is great interest in our club and the number of all new couples that we let in per night are limited. Please be out 1-2 weeks in advance to be sure of getting a place.
We also expect that you cancel your visit in advance if it is so that you can not visit us for some reason. Otherwise, it may be that other new couples who wants to visit us but have not gotten fit due to full bookings can´t get a place in stead of you. We ask you truly respect for everyone's sake!

If you have been full year members within 2 years. Then you do not have to notify before your arrival. Just show up! The same is if you have been trial members within 3 months.
It is the ONLY new couples or if you have been either members for longer than 3 years ago or trial members for more than 3 months ago who must pre-register their visit here.


The rules exist to protect all members' privacy and that you as members should feel safe and comfortable at Club Par i hjärter.

  • Discretion! We never mention other members or staff's name outside Par i hjärters premises. For us, the privacy of all involved is so important!
  • Saying no is always a no. Must be respected by all members.
  • All couples that is visiting Club Par i hjärter has different limits, desires and expectations. A matter of course is that you always ask first before interacting with another couple.
  • Upstairs is a sexfri zone. Any sexual activities done downstairs.
  • There is a total ban to have any kind of cameras or cell phones in Par i hjärters premises. Any camera or cell phone stays in the locker. Of course you can go and check your cell phone in the locker to see that everything is ok at home with children, babysitter, etc. Violation of this rule provides immediate suspension from the Club Par i hjärter indefinitely!
  • A valid membership is required for entry to Par i hjärters premises.
  • Downstairs, it's very important to remember that you do not disturb others around when you are clear with your sexual activities or when ex. sitting in the Jacuzzi. Loud conversations we have upstairs. When you are in the throes of a sexy, hot and intimate situation you do not want loud conversation, laughter or conversation on Social Insurance, politics or what to eat for dinner the next evening, around you. As usual, we respect each other!
  • Always carry your identification and a valid membership card when you visit the club. Otherwise you risk not being let. We always check the identification and membership cards that prevails when you arrive.
  • Par i hjärter is a couples club only. You come to the club with your partner and you stay together as a couple in the evening. You do not go around alone in the premises (applicable lower floor). If one of the pair goes home must the other one do so also. You must not stay by your self.
  • We do not allow singles or same-sex couples. 
    Extra girl may not be included in the very first visit.
  • No own drinks, food or drugs are allowed on the premises. Members are denied entry if they are too drunk or affected by drugs. You also risks being rejected from the club if you get too drunk and disruptive during the evening.
  • No drinks are allowed downstairs or in the smoking room.
  • Age limit: 18 years (or 20-40 yrs in Club 20-40)
  • Jacuzzi-control: max 6 people in the jacuzzi, no sex in the Jacuzzi and of course we take a shower before we go down into the Jacuzzi. We want to keep a good quality of the water throughout the evening.
  • In case of violation of rules, the club hosts or/and hostess have the full right to expel you from the club's premises. No refund of entry is given if you are expeled from the club for the evening.
  • In serious violations or repeated disturbance / messiness reserves the Club Par i hjärter to put your membership in quarantine for at least 6 months. This means that you may not get to visit the club within the next 6 months from the rejection. There may also be longer depending on the nature of the breach. No membership fee will be refunded or given credit for quarantine.
  • Upon detection of disruptive or objectionable behavior of someone or some other members so it is expected of you to inform the staff about it. We want to resolve any "interference" immediately!
  • Dress Code: Optional upstairs, max lingerie downstairs. Discrepancies may occur in some theme nights.
  • When you arrive and leave the club, you have to respect the fact that we have neighbors. We want to disturb as little as possible! So be as quiet as you can.
  • (Please check back and read the rules now and then. They can change and evolve.)